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Since 1984, Coast Pad has specialized in manufacturing bra cups for the swim, lingerie, and active wear markets. With sales throughout North America, Columbia, China, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, and Egypt, Coast Pad is one of the largest suppliers of bra cups in the world today. 

Coast Pad is headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California, and manufactures some of its bra cups on site. Coast Pad's bra cup manufacturing is supported by a much larger factory in Southern China. This makes us the only bra cup molder with production in both the USA and China. Combined, the two locations have more than 800 molding machines yielding a potential capacity of 7 million pairs of bra cups per month. Coast Pad stocks hundreds of shapes and millions of pairs of bra cups in California to help ensure excellent service and responsiveness to our customers.

We are continuously striving to innovate and encourage our customers to develop new shapes and use new materials. Twenty CNC machines help facilitate shorter lead times for new sample developments and ongoing production.


Bra Cups
Coast Pad is pleased to announce the purchase of Metro Pads.  This will combine Metro's great service with CoastPad's quality products and competitive prices.http://www.metropadsla.com/shapeimage_11_link_0
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